What is Tutor Wizard?

Tutor Wizard is an immersive virtual learning environment where students can access exciting educational content for Maths, Biology, Chemistry & Physics online anytime, anywhere.

Students have a vast range of digital and interactive resources at their fingertips allowing them to become the leaders of their own learning as independent intellectuals striving for their own educational goals with Tutor Wizards dynamic system, suitable for any learning style and ability.

Tutor Wizard is an entirely student focused platform with minimal teaching input to help grow each individuals capabilities, improving the self-learning skills needed to succeed in higher education and the work place.

  • Everywhere,
  • Everyway,
  • Everyday.

Tutor Wizard works on:
Desktop Computers / Laptops / Tablets / Mobiles

Functions through:
Windows / Mac / Android / IOS

Compatible with browsers:
Explorer & Edge / Chrome / Firefox / Safari / Opera

Why Tutor Wizard?

Learning Zone

A huge digital catalogue of well organised, diverse & captivating educational resources.

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Assessment Centre

An unrivalled revision aid with tests and past papers preparing students for exams with real time feedback.

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Performance Review

Students become the leaders of their own learning with the ability to track and understand their own progress. 

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Tutor Help

Subject experts are at hand to guide students struggling with difficult concepts and theories via quick messages.

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Tech Support

Professional technical assistance ensures smooth running with friendly online & phone support from skilled staff.

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Stars & Prices

Stars are awarded for results in the assessment centre and stars mean prizes. Won by the best students.

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Top Class Resources

Tutor Wizard is dedicated and passionate about developing and advancing our learning resources.

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Personal Organisation

Students have an individual study area where resources can be organised and a calendar planner.

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Tutor Wizard resources and test questions cover International Edexcel / Cambridge & Sri Lanka National curriculums.

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Subscription Details

Tutor Wizard is an ideal learning aid and revision tool for all students wishing to get ahead throughout the school year. Sign up today and enter a new dimension for smart learning.

"With Tutor Wizard Students
become the leaders of their
own learning"